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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Summer Clothes

Thanks to the local Gap Outlet having a huge sale I was able to score some great summer clothing. Something I sorely needed to do!

Here they are!

My favorite item is the neon yellow jeans! I really wanted the orange version but they didn't have my sze. However, I'm really happy with the yellow and they fit great!

The navy shirt with orange and white stripes is very lightweight and is a superb addition to my wardrobe.

I have been needing new shorts so BAD! I'm not a huge fan of shorts because they can be so unflattering. However, I was desperate after all the heatwaves! 

These coral shorts were perfect. Coral is my favorite color of the season and these shorts are breathable in cotton and super cute!

I bought the same type of shirt as the navy but this time in canary yellow with grey and white stripes. 

Also purchased some new dark blue skinny jeans. Love this! They go with basically everything. A fantastic wardrobe staple. Dress it up with a blouse and funky necklace or dress it down with a simple shirt.

Also got a 3/4 sleeve hoodie. It's the perfect weight for cooler summer nights.

Black shorts, the same as coral. Simple black shorts are a must have.

Finally, adorable headband. Yellow and grey striped. Reminds me of Rugby shorts. Very preppy.

Here is the whole haul! Not shown in the above model pictures is the green and white tank.

Notice a theme? Yellow and neons! Love the bright color trends. You can dip your toes into the 70s and 80s without having to go too far.

In total: 1 hoodie, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 2 shirts, a tank top and a headband. 
All for $115! 
Which is a great bargain. I never could have afforded all of this without it being a massive sale.

I've never been a fan of Gap but this might make me pop in every now and then if I need a solid wardrobe staple.

By the way, my nails got into the neon action.  :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Empowered Women International

Since June I have been interning part-time at Empowered Women International, a local non-profit, as the Non-Profit Management Intern.

In a nutshell EWI focuses on providing immigrant, refugee, and low-income women who have basic artisan business ideas, with a 4-month intensive business and entrepreneurship course to move their idea into reality.

We then follow with additional mentor support and resources to make our entrepreneurs artisan business a success.

This falls in line with a lot of my beliefs about where non-profit work should be heading. I believe traditional aid is failing. Millions of dollars has been donated in poverty relief but the poverty issue is still just as bad.

Our dollars should be going instead to fund education, vocational training, and microfinance so people can create or expand on their own businesses. Creating a sustainable increase in income for disadvantaged people is the only way to have a permanent solution to the poverty problem.

This is why I support EWI so much. It helps to create economic, and career opportunities for low-income, immigrant and refugee women and raise awareness and increase appreciation for the cultural contributions that immigrant and refugee women make to our country.

I don’t want this post to run to long so I will close now.

Please read more about EWI at their website www.ewint.org and check out their FaceBook!