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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Package from Arika!

Presents from Arika!

I got an awesome package from Arika a couple weeks ago. This included some great tea samples, including the tea flowers that open in hot water, which I love!

Arika also included scented candle wax thing in Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper, which Ansell is a huge fan of.

I LOVED the jewelry Arika sent me too. The sparrow necklace is gorgeous and fits in perfect with my upcoming fall wardrobe. It’s a little long so I’m going to add a loop further down the chain to shorten it. I also received stunning chandelier earrings that I wore to the 1920s party I went to. It worked great with my outfit and I really like how it looks with my short hair.

I miss my girls!
And, of course, I received some make-up. The lip color is nice but I have to be careful what I wear it with since it pales my lips out a lot. The eye shadows are great! A lot are from the Egyptian Treasure collection from Meow Cosmetics, which is a fav collection of mine. Again, these samples are perfect for the upcoming fall. Arika has great timing!

I am super happy and pleased with my package! Who doesn’t like a fun package, especially when it’s from someone who is so in tune with your likes and dislikes?

Thanks Arika!
x o x o

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing with the new hair!

 I have been playing around with ways to style my new hair.

I did a style where it was lightly curled. Just enough to give it body and have it look a little fun. This is the first time I wore my bangs side swept and I like it a lot.

A little note, I look great with high-necked tops now. The short hairstyle gives my wardrobe a completely new look, which is great!

This is one where it’s completely straight and blunt. I didn’t even turn it under at the tips. I wore it with a tux shirt, mini skirt and wide belt. The look was great although the picture turned out crappy.

This is the first time I really played with doing a masculine look and I like it a lot.

Out for a picnic! Tight spiral curls everywhere! This took me a full hour. Which is ridiculous considering how short the hair is. Next time I’m going to do leave-in rollers. However, it looked great and Ansell loved it. I definitely want to do it again but leave it overnight with more product. The curls dropped and by the end of the day it looked like the first picture in this blog.

Again, I feel like the hairstyle gives my wardrobe new life and makes everything a little more edgy.

PS Check out those shoes. I love them.

Annnnnnnd Ansell, who always looks great. He made us a fantastic pasta salad for lunch and we had a picnic at the Georgetown Waterfront. Ansell is my number 1 inspiration for wardrobe style right now. He ALWAYS looks fashionable and classic but definitely has his own personal look.

I’m hoping to do some more styles with my hair in terms of braids and other fun. For now, I’m enjoying how light and easy it is!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Festival in Old Town

Last Sunday while Ansell while out getting drunk with his college program on a winery tour I was enjoying the big Art Festival in Old Town.

I started the day off with brunch at my new favorite brunch place Bread & Chocolate. For $15 you get tea or coffee, juice, a breakfast entree, and a little basket of baked treats from their bakery. I really love the omelette there. It's delish!

The Art Festival was huge and extended several blocks down King St and traffic was blocked off. They had various different artists but I was only impressed/interested in about 5 of them. 

However, I was really glad that we get to have events like this and throughly enjoyed myself!

By the way, I looked fab with slicked back hair, a fedora, and red lips (although mostly worn off after brunch). :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New hairstyle!

On September 1st I went to Lorraine Aprile Salon to get my long blonde hair chopped off. I was super excited! I was bored by my long locks and ready for something new.

In short (pun intended), I wanted a modern 1920s bob.

A true 1920s bob was very short, cut bluntly across the cheekbones with thick bangs cut ending above the eyebrows and symmetrical all the way around.

I wanted my hair to end a little longer, before my chin and my bangs to fall a bit over my eyebrows. I used Katie Holmes bob pictures as reference. (Cutting her hair short was the best thing Katie H ever did.)

This length:

These bangs:

Most importantly I wanted razor cut ends to add some texture.

My stylist was Kris and she knew exactly what I wanted. She had plenty of experience with retro hairstyles and she was great to work with. They also gave me free wine so that was a bonus. Even better, the first cut was half off, so I ended up only paying $33 for it!

This is the end result! I love it!

It’s super easy to deal with. Quick to blow dry and I only need to use a round brush to get the look. I can’t wait to play with it and see what else I can do. :)


Monday, September 10, 2012

Edible Worlds by Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli – Edible Worlds

Once again owning an exotic pet was proving to be
nothing but trouble.

In New York Ansell and I visited several galleries. My favorite by far was the Winston Wachter Gallery, which had a solo show for Christopher Boffoli’s Edible Worlds.

It didn't matter how much overtime was needed. The pancake
producers were determined to catch up with their
orders before brunch.
“For this show, Boffoli features a series of crisp and vividly colored images. The viewer becomes voyeur in each captured moment and is privy to scenes of work, play, and conversation. Snapshots of saturated color and massive food items allow the miniatures who stand in Boffoli’s surreal scenes to come to life.

With his history, no one would have believed it was an accident.
This juxtaposition of scale has been inspired in party by the heavy use of this visual device in films and television from the 70’s and 80’s and the 18th century fable, Gulliver’s’ Travels. A wide range of human interaction is captured throughout this series within a dizzying array of produce and prepared staged foods.”

Blackberry CSI

I loved this show and its art. I thought the images were fun and the little one-sentence stories added a whole story to the images. I also liked how colorful and fanciful the images were.

This was my favorite one, for obvious reasons! It was also Ansell's favorite because it involved scuba diving.

Eric always had a healthy amount of anxiety before a deep tea dive.