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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing with the new hair!

 I have been playing around with ways to style my new hair.

I did a style where it was lightly curled. Just enough to give it body and have it look a little fun. This is the first time I wore my bangs side swept and I like it a lot.

A little note, I look great with high-necked tops now. The short hairstyle gives my wardrobe a completely new look, which is great!

This is one where it’s completely straight and blunt. I didn’t even turn it under at the tips. I wore it with a tux shirt, mini skirt and wide belt. The look was great although the picture turned out crappy.

This is the first time I really played with doing a masculine look and I like it a lot.

Out for a picnic! Tight spiral curls everywhere! This took me a full hour. Which is ridiculous considering how short the hair is. Next time I’m going to do leave-in rollers. However, it looked great and Ansell loved it. I definitely want to do it again but leave it overnight with more product. The curls dropped and by the end of the day it looked like the first picture in this blog.

Again, I feel like the hairstyle gives my wardrobe new life and makes everything a little more edgy.

PS Check out those shoes. I love them.

Annnnnnnd Ansell, who always looks great. He made us a fantastic pasta salad for lunch and we had a picnic at the Georgetown Waterfront. Ansell is my number 1 inspiration for wardrobe style right now. He ALWAYS looks fashionable and classic but definitely has his own personal look.

I’m hoping to do some more styles with my hair in terms of braids and other fun. For now, I’m enjoying how light and easy it is!


  1. I love the first and the last look on you. The first might be my favorite though since it's very soft and classic.

  2. I like the first look a lot too! I just wish my hair would hold curls better, but with all the hair dye it's become really thin.