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Friday, November 2, 2012

Regina Spektor Concert

Regina Spektor Concert

It was so amazing to see Regina Spektor. Her voice was beautiful, the piano playing stunning, her lyrics adorable, and the overall concert perfect. 

It was also great to share my love of Regina Spektor with friends who had never really heard her music before. 

It was two hours and it flew by! I would absolutely see her again.

The stage was simple with hanging mirrors and the lights would change according to the feel of the song. It was a lovely accompaniment to the music.

While I may not be able to recreate the feeling of being at the concert I do want to share some of my favorite Regina Spektor songs:

This is the song that made me fall in love with Regina Spektor. The lyrics, her voice, and the video all came together so perfectly.

On the Radio
This just made me love her further. Again, the lyrics really make me love her. It’s delivered in such a beautiful and sweet, unique way that you simply can’t confuse her for anyone else.

This song is so bittersweet and the visuals so pretty. I also think this is a good starter song for people as it’s a little more mainstream but encapsulates her unique style.

Treat for you if you can figure out what "Eet" refers to.

Finally, this is my favorite sad song by Regina. There is something about this song that really sticks in my head and heart. I used to cry every time I listened to it and even now I get a little choked up. It’s just so bittersweet and longing.

The music video is not official, there is no official mv as it wasn’t a popular song, but I think this video is perfect and captures the spirit of the song perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this music. I love Regina Spektor and want to share the love!

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