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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Korean “Adventure” – Part 4: Fun times! Gigglehugs! And Bunnynugging! (but only if my connection Raul comes through )*

Friday night (Feb 25th) was party time! We all went out to Underground, one of the local foreign bars (right next to the love motel district and thus close to my motel), before hitting the karaoke bar. At Underground a ton of the foreign teachers from various English schools were leaving and some of their replacements were with them. I think most of the people I met that night were going home, and seriously, I have never seen a happier crowd.

Toast time at Underground!

We all drank to their good health. Then drank some more, and more, and more. Spontaneous dancing broke out and finally some of us ended up singing badly in a karaoke room. I repeatedly tried to fall asleep on the sofa but wasn’t allowed. :D

       The next day was spent sleeping in and being lazy. Then Ansell, the teacher I replaced, picked me up and took me to Seoul. Specifically he took me to Itaewon. Seoul was nice enough but I think I enjoyed the company more. Ansell took me to a steak place with the most amazing cheese steak sandwiches. Then we basically wandered and talked politics, philosophy, you name it. Here are some photos of cool places in Itaewon, Seoul.
It's my new boyfriend!
             On Sunday Ansell took me out to breakfast at a pancake place. I got the most amazing walnut crisp Belgium waffle. It was heaven.
I want to eat you forever!

After breakfast we checked out some of the places around the apartment, such as a department store and others. Then it was back to the love motel for some take out Korean pizza. We got “hot potato” which meant steak fries stuck on a pizza with corn. It was delicious!

I’m sure the rest of my Sunday passed wonderfully but I can’t remember the specifics. :D

        Monday was my last day of “training” and we had a goodbye/hello work party. People made speeches and drank on company money.

Tuesday was a Korean holiday. Woot! Extra day off!
Tuesday I was supposed to move in, which was great because I got a whole day to unpack and get my apartment homey. However, the maid that was going to come clean the apartment never showed so I wasn’t able to unpack much. Instead, Ansell and I went out on his last day in Korea. I was pretty stressed with not being able to unpack or do much in my apartment so it was nice to get out and keep busy.

         Ansell took me to Café town, which is one of the only nice parts of Suji. It’s this little 3 block area full of cafes and cute shops. I wish more of Suji looked like this. We went to this nice café and got a big brunch. My brunch was called the “American Plate” and I swear they just loaded it with all the stuff they thought American’s ate. So my breakfast included mini hot dogs. I’ve got to say, it wasn’t bad. 
        While we were leaving I snapped this picture of a Korean family. The parents are reading the paper and the kid is reading on his I-pad. I thought it was hilarious.

         On the way back Ansell and I got some celebratory alcohol, which came in this oh so romantic packaging. Ha!
I really thought this said "Romantic days with urine." It did not.

              It was a nice send off for Ansell and a good welcome for me.

Ansell and I

       The next day it was goodbye to Ansell. He was off to bigger and better things.  Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and holiday with a sad ending.
Goodbye Ansell -sniff-

*Cracked.com – the best videos ever!


  1. Something good came out of Korea at least! Also why have you not taken a picture of bulgogi pizza yet? I am ashamed of you.

  2. I am determined that the next time I get pizza it will be bulgogi pizza. I shall take a picture of it and present it to her majesty, Queen Arika. :)