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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Since it was my birthday yesterday I thought I would blog about the early birthday I had in February with Arika and Rose. If Maura had been with us it would have been perfect but she was there in spirit…the goat cheese represented her spirit. :D
Pictured: Maura's spirit

We went to my favorite restaurant in Portland, Slappy Cakes, all dressed up.
Arika, Teal, Rose

Our dress code was things that reminded us of Teal. ;) So Rose wore her Lolita outfit and Arika wore a combination of my favorite clothes that she owns: her purple teapot skirt, grey grandpa sweater (that I want to STEAL), and her little vintage brooch. You can read more about her take on the day here at Mega Geeks Inc
          I wore my favorite pieces too: my bird headband, pearl’s, comfy sweater dress with cool tights, and even borrowed Arika’s cute owl pin.

We thoroughly enjoyed our pancakes, as usual. We got a sweet potato batter with blueberry, goat cheese, apples, and bacon toppings completed with lemon curd topping. It was amazing. I, of course, had my traditional pot of tea.

Then it was gift time. Unfortunately, Rose had her birthday presents at home and Arika’s hadn’t arrived in the mail yet! Luckily, mine had come from Etsy a couple days previous. I got them both necklaces from Etsy shop, birdzNbeez.
They seemed to like them, which was a relief!

Rose’s was a sparrow locket that she could put a picture of James in ( I wanted to do it myself but didn’t have time) and Arika got a steam-punk owl. I adore the owl. I almost stole it! Here is the owl necklace but I can't find a picture of Roses.
I want you owl

Our deadly sin today was gluttony because after a huge breakfast we went food carting. This was fantastic because I love food carting and this was my last chance. I went to a French restaurant and got an amazing French dip sandwich with brie.

Then it was back to Rose’s for some hard core gaming and baby holding.  I also got my presents from Rose, CHEETOS, ROOT BEER, and an American express giftcard! Yay! America’s sweet nectar!

We rounded out the night with Orient Express, New York Chase, and Pictionary.

I'm the game master!

Jamil joined us at the end for Pictionary. Plus he gave me some delicious tea that helped me survive my first couple weeks in Korea until Arika’s tea arrived as back up.

It was a fantastic day with some great friends.
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for making it an awesome early birthday!

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  1. Mauras spirit looks delicious! Also I love my owl necklace, I wear it a ton!
    Happy Birthday dear, I look forward to reading more of your future exploits.