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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1st Make-up Giveaway on MegaGeeks Inc

            Arika is finally doing the awesome Aromaleigh make-up give-away, appropriately called MegaGeeks Inc First Give-away, she has been hinting at in her last few posts. These recent posts have been mostly dominated by Aromaleigh reviews and the more I read the more I wish Aromaleigh was still open so I would have the opportunity to try the brand. A sad missed opportunity, which is why I so badly want to win some of Arika’s goodies. Who else has such a giant stash to raid? She’s like the sunken ship of Aromaleigh eyeshadow and I shall be the scuba-clad treasure finder!

            At any rate, I have been waiting for this make-up give-away like a cat waits for the cream to spill or like a power-hungry Voldemort watches an innocent Harry. O.0 I am determined to win something and in my attempt to show Arika my desire I will devote the next couple of blogs to her. True, I have almost no followers, but still! Passion shall win the day.

            My first blog post will just be a simple introduction of the shades she is giving away.

Please read more about her give-away and rules for entry (which are easy) HERE 

This is the awesome: 

Eyeshadow list from left to right all the way down:
1.             Pure Eyes Matte: Cinnabar
2.            Ooops!: Omega Weapon
3.            Pure Eyes Matte: Vapor
4.            Ooops!: Sorceress
5.            Pure Eyes Matte: Hyacinth
6.            Les Papillons: Flutter-by
7.             Ooops!: Tiamat
8.            Ooops!: Wendigo
9.            Les Papillons: Crimson Mimicry
10.        Les Papillons: Flutara's Cloud
11.         Ooops!: Buel
12.         Pure Eyes Matte: Cupid
13.         Ooops!: Behemoth
14.         Pure Eyes Matte: Venus

           Here are the items in detail; I broke them up into types and included the color and Arika’s separate reviews on each:

Pure Eyes Matte (see Arikas full review HERE) :

Vapor : Pale baby blue matte from the original Pure Eyes Matte Collection but was removed when the collection was streamlined.
Hyacinth : An incredibly washed lilac shade. From the original Pure Eyes Matte collection, but was removed when the collection was streamlined.

 Cupid : A super washed baby pink matte from the Pure Eyes Matte Collection.

 Venus : A peachy pink matte brown.

 Cinnabar : A pure matte terracotta.

Les Papillons (Arika didn’t do a review of these, at least not that I saw, but here are the colors) :

 Flutara's Cloud

Oops! Shades (Arika did a really awesome review of these Oops! Shades where she named each one after Final Fantasy monsters. You can see her reviews HERE and HERE:

 Omega Weapon : A deep dark matte blue/purple with tons of rainbow sparkle.

 Tiamat : Matte brown/berry/mauve with blue sparkle.

 Wendigo : Blackened green with gold shimmer and gold/blue sparkle.

 Buel : A barely there almond tan with gold and pink sparkle.

Sorceress : Matte barbie pink base with green and pink sparkle.
 Behemoth : Brilliant matte violet with tons of rainbow sparkle.

           However, there are a few shades not included in the give-away that I would love to have. I will include them in my next posts.

            Not to spoil the surprise but my next MegaGeeks Inc First Give-Away blog post will be comparing selected shades to the style and costumes of the 2006 movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. I hope to have the next post up by the end of next week.

See you then!


  1. Flutterby, Crimson Mimicry, and Fluttaras Cloud are all from the same collection Les Papallions. One of more popular collections and has been around for awhile, there are plenty of reviews of those colors, so I just figured I wouldn't swatch them.

    Thanks for the blog post, I love it, it's super detailed!

  2. I actually tried looking up swatches of them and was unsuccessful. I did find reviews though. They are a beautiful collection.