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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection – Part 1

            When I first reviewed Arika’s eye shadow colors I noticed that the ones I most liked reminded me profoundly of the color palette used in Sophia Coppola’s 2006 movie, Marie Antoinette. The movie had a very whimsical and candy like coloring, expressed through the set and costumes, as if the world was seen through Marie-Antoinette’s indulged and rather naïve eyes. In fact, the world imagined by Sophia Coppola was candy like as it was based off Parisian macaroons!

            In London Times Magazine, Canonero (the costumer who would win an Oscar for her work on Marie-Antoinette) said she was handed a box of macaroons from the Laudree pastry house by Coppola. “She told me, ‘These are the colors I love,’ and I used them as a palette. Sofia was clear about the colouration,
 but left the rest to me.

Can you see it?

Eat Me

Wear Me

            Now, let’s get to the fun of comparing some of the colors from Arika’s give-away (and some that are not part of it) to costumes in Marie Antoinette. You will also get the pleasure of some of my accompanying thoughts. ;)

The Marie-Antoinette Macaroon collection includes:

Pure Eyes Matte: Cupid

Arika’s take on the color: A super washed baby pink matte.

Teal’s take: I am a super sucker for beautiful washed out pinks. It’s about the only pink I can deal with. I always think it looks beautiful lightly applied to give eyes a wide, awake, look. Or applied to the corners of the eye while a darker color sweeps out to the outer edge of the eye for a dramatic effect.

Personal rating: 4 winks out of 5 – It’s just so pretty!

Costume:            The only thing missing here is the matte. While the dress itself is satin, the color certainly matches with a very light pink that sets off Marie-Antoinette’s pale skin without washing it out.
            This dress is one of Marie-Antoinette’s party dresses; can you see the champagne glass? Marie-Antoinette was an incredibly naïve and uneducated queen, her naivety is shown through the use of a very innocent color as she parties it up unknowing that her subjects are starving outside the castle walls.

Pure Eyes Matte: Vapor

Arika’s take on the color: Pale baby blue matte from the original Pure Eyes Matte Collection but was removed when the collection was streamlined.

Teal’s take: This was one of the first colors that reminded me of the Marie-Antoinette movie, and this is exactly the costume it reminded me of. I think pale blues, with periwinkle hints, captures the same sense of innocence and femininity as pale pinks but without the dumb blonde stigma. (Let’s face it, pinks are inevitably connected to Barbie – the worlds most recognizable shallow blonde…at least in my mind). Love it!

Personal rating: 4 winks out of 5  - Who doesn’t love a soft blue?

Costume:            This color is an absolute dead ringer. This was one of the first colors that strongly reminded me of Marie-Antoinette and I was excited when I saw it as part of the give-away. While publicity photos showed this costume as a darker blue the original was a soft baby blue verging into periwinkle. Just like the color swatch.
            The background story of this costume is interesting. When Marie-Antoinette crossed over into the French border they had a tent set-up for her to completely change her hair, clothing, and make-up. She stepped in a daughter of Austria and stepped out the dauphin of France. Certainly the French style of clothing is far more sophisticated but, again, the coloring only serves to underscore how completely underprepared and naïve the new queen-in-waiting is.

Ooops!: Sorceress

Arika’s take on the color: Matte barbie pink base with green and pink sparkle.

Teal’s take: This is just too bright pink for me, definitely in Barbie’s territory. I also think it would look terrible with my coloring.

Personal rating: 1 wink out of 5 – It just ain’t me.

Costume:            Yep, they actually had a bright pink costume in here, trimmed with fur, just to go the extra mile. If it’s good enough for the macaroons it’s good enough for Marie-Antoinette (the color not the fur). Of course, Kirsten Dunst was able to pull it off and good job to her and the costumer. I still don’t know if I would wear it though. Not one of my favorites.

Pure Eyes Matte: Hyacinth 

Arika’s take on the color: An incredibly washed lilac shade. From the original Pure Eyes Matte collection, but was removed when the collection was streamlined.

Teal’s Take: We have another washed color. This was hard to place since it didn’t really look lilac, it looked white. It could be the camera or just the shade itself. I do like the idea of the color and it would be cool to do a dark liner with this on the eye.

Personal rating: 2.5 winks out of 5 – It’s dependent on what you pair it with.

Costume:            This costume is definitely white rather than lilac, and again in a satin. The scene she wore this in was beautiful; she showed her brother tea that was sent her by the Emperor of China. As she poured the water into the glass teacup the tea opened up into a beautiful flower. This was right before her brother spoke to Marie-Antoinette’s husband about the finer points of coitus. :D In a way this might show how Marie-Antoinette’s own flower was ready to bloom. It’s a really stunning dress and Kirsten Dunst has just the coloring to pull it off.

         That wraps up Part 1 of the Marie-Antoinette blog post. Next post we look at the other non-Marie Antoinette characters that figured promently in the movie as well as the macaroon palette.

Look at this face and coloring. She’s just begging for some matching eyeshadow!
PS I don't know why it's formatted so weird. I spent forever trying to fix it and just gave up. Fixed it!


  1. Sometimes that happens to me too^^.
    Also did you know any pink eyeshadow you don't like could alternatively be used as a blush? That's saved some really crappy pinks for me.

  2. Doesn't that make some really intense blushes?

  3. Yeah a little, but you only have to use a little bit. So it lasts longer.