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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection – Part 2

       Marie Antoinette wasn’t the only part of the macaroon palette; she just dominated the pale, pastel-like colors. However, the supporting cast played their own role in bringing the macaroon color palette to life.

Need for macaroons increasing with every post. 

Ooops!: Buel

 She rules tan/gold with an iron fist.

Arika’s Take: A barely there almond tan with gold and pink sparkle.

Teal’s Take: I’m not really sure what to make of this color. I’m not sure if it’s more gold or tan. My feelings are a little “meh” as it doesn’t have much personality. I think it would take the right person to pull it off, much like the related costumes.

Personal rating: 2 winks out of 5 - Meh

Costume:            The Duchesse de Polignac was Marie-Antoinette’s best friend in court and the leader of their social circle. She kept a watchful eye on who became friendly with the queen and who didn’t. She also ruled the gold/tan shades of the macaroon palette in the movie as she wears it so often. She, however, pulls it off while still looking ravishing. It must be the red hair.

Ooops!: Behemoth

Madame Du Barry could be my mistress any day

Arika’s Take:Brilliant matte violet with tons of rainbow sparkle. Looks weird in the picture, the middle is swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, the sides are bare.

Teal’s Take:  This color is bright and stunning. It aims to make a statement, and succeeds. I really like it and I think you could do many fun things with it. Create a unique look just using the base color, or pair it with dark silvers, blacks, or smoky grays for a sultry look. You could also pair it with lighter colors to really amp up the brightness.

Personal rating: 5 winks out of 5 – What more could you want out of a bright, glittery purple?

Costume: That breathtaking purple macaroon? Madame Du Barry got the corner market on that one. Madame du Barry was the rather vulgar (read FUN) mistress of the decadent King, Louis XV, Marie Antoinette’s grandfather in law. Costume designer Canonero wanted Du Barry to be the opposite of Marie Antoinette. “I dressed her like an exotic bird, in contrast to the rather naïve, innocent queen-in-waiting.”  Canonero absolutely succeeded and Du Barry has some of the most interesting dresses of the movie. The screen capture of the gown doesn’t do the color justice, while the exhibit photo shows just how bright the purple is, just like the color swatch.

Les Papillons: Flutara's Cloud

Teal’s Take: Flutura’s cloud is a brilliant blue with what looks like silver sparkles for a shiny sheen. The color collection it comes from is French for “Butterflies,” which is perfect as this looks like the wings of the South American Blue Morpho.
Pictured: Awesome

I LOVE this color as much as the purple. I would seriously wear the two colors together for sure. What can I say? If you can’t see how incredible this color is then you are sadly color-damaged.

Personal rating: 5 winks out of 5 – Did you have any doubts?

Costume:            This is the most memorable dress (not worn by Marie-Antoinette) for me, and one of my favorites. It is worn by Madame L'Ettiquette who ran Marie-Antoinettes household and educated her in the ways of Versailles. Her costume was the first major break in the pastel colors we had been treated to so far. It was a strong color that sent a definite message that this woman was not to be trifled with. Anyone who can wear this as a full costume in the middle of an all pink room has a strong personality.

            This completes Part 2 of the Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection. The next, and last post, discusses the colors I would have liked to seen as part of the MegaGeeks Inc give-away. 

She’s sad because MegaGeeks Inc didn’t include some of her favorite colors.


  1. Behemoth is pretty awesome, the rainbow is very, rainbow-y in real life.
    I seriously giggle at the end^^!

  2. Behemoth is fabulous. If Du Barry was alive today she would totally rock that color :D
    Thanks, I like to end on a funny note. I actually had a picture of her crying but I thought that was a little dramatic. :)