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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection – Part 3

    My last post, regarding the Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection, discusses the eye shadows I would have loved seen included in the give-away.

Random- Pure Eyes Frost: Cielo'

Thinkin’ bout MegaGeeks Give-Away…or booze

Arika’s Take: A lovely sky blue with an amazing green/gold duochrome from the Pure Eyes Frost Collection. A truly surprising shade and just one of the many reasons why Aromaleigh will be missed.

Teal’s Take: Missed indeed. This is one of those complex yet delicate colors that captivate the imagination. I truly love the balance of color and sparkle. The creator who made this has creativity and a distinct eye for color. I adore this shade.

Personal rating: 5 winks out of 5 – Showing that complex can still be delicate

Costume: This was actually a costume from a cut scene, which goes well with the “cut” color. I have no idea what’s going on in this scene but you must admit the color is spot on. Marie-Antoinette also has a whimsical look (or is that boredom) which suits the color well.

Oops! Jelleye

Arika’s Take: A buff pink with pink interference and gold/red sparkle.

Teal’s Take: I’m so torn on this color. It photographs peach not pink. There is something very pretty and easy-going about the color but I’m concerned that it’s just dark enough and pink enough to make me look like I’ve got pink-eye.

Personal rating: 3 winks out of 5 – So pretty yet so pink-eye

Costume: This scene actually shows the start of Marie-Antoinette’s depression and disillusionment with Versailles. It’s an absolutely beautiful costume and, while still innocent, has something more mature about it than her previous pink frocks. It has a more sophisticated air to it. Marie-Antoinette is growing up just a little.

Random - Eye Lustre: Daphne

Arika’s Take: An incredible pale frosty yellow/gold with gold shimmer from the Eye Lustre Collection.

Teal’s Take: I love this color. It speaks of sunshine, happy days, and cloudless skies. It is soft and buttery and has a beautiful sparkle to it that lifts the color even higher. I really love this color and would like to add a yellow to my collection, as I’ve never seen yellow eye shadow do it so right.

Personal Rating: 5 winks out of 5 – It’s beautiful, delicate, and reminds one of spring.

Costume:             It’s springtime at Versailles and Marie-Antoinette is discussing the planting of new trees to add to the beauty of the castle grounds. Unfortunately she’s already spent her budget, plus the charitable donation money she was to give to women’s shelters. That’s fine; she’ll buy small trees and ask her husband to cover the charity money. Marie-Antoinette always looks stunning while spending money and the greenery of the castle grounds sets of her lovely butter dress to perfection. The quintessential springtime dress.

            Thus ends the Marie-Antoinette Macaroon Collection. I hope you enjoyed your jaunt through Versailles. If you have time, try a macaroon for yourself, but be warned they are sometimes too pretty to eat!

            My next and final post regarding the MegaGeeks Inc Give-Away will be devoted to one shade that I fell in love with. Stay tuned!

Remember all you need is the perfect eye-shadow…

…and perhaps a well-placed fan.

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