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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fifth day! – Lima - April 29th, 2011

Fifth day! – Lima

            Today was our travel day. We were to take a bus from Lima to Cusco, which would take 20 hours. The bus left in the late afternoon, so we spent the morning at the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology. It was a decent museum but nothing can compare to the first museum we went to, the LARCO Museum.

Some of the Incan people would put boards on the heads as they grew to flatter and elongate their skulls. It was the plastic surgery of its day.

Even the ancient people thought owls rocked

            Eventually we went over to the Cruz de Sur bus station. It was a bit like an airport, where you checked-in, went to check your bags which got it’s own receipt and was recorded in their computer, then walked through security, before climbing into the bus. It was a pretty organized operation and I was impressed. Especially since America’s bus system is essentially crap. I hate Greyhound.

            The bus itself was great. We got big reclining padded seats with footrests. We also got little pillows and thick blankets. They played movies and served dinner and breakfast. It was as nice as a 20-hour bus ride could get if it weren’t for…
the baby!
            Why are you taking a baby on a 20-hour bus journey!!! It was fine during the day but cried throughout the night. Apparently it was sick and we had to deal with its cries for hours. It was awful. I considered babycide.
            Luckily Ansell and I managed to get through the bus ride without killing anyone and gratefully disembarked in Cusco.

Looking down on Los Nogalles the area we stayed in Cusco

Thus ends my account of Lima. Next post I will talk about Cusco, which is far different from Lima, and our experience with FairPlay Peru and Helping Hands.

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  1. You know every time you say Cusco The Emperors New Groove floats through my head singing "CUUUsssCOO!" And then I giggle and people look at me funny.

    Sorry about the baby, someone should have given it a sedative or something. I love that Museum I wish I could have been there with you, so much fun.