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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lima – Peru, South America

Ansell and I have been in Lima, the capital city of Peru, for a few days now (this was obviously written a while ago, specifically our first real day in Lima was Sunday, April 24th) and they have been packed.

First Day! - Lima

We stayed at Hitchhiker’s Hostel in the area of Miraflores in Lima for the first three nights. We got a private room with bathroom for only $15 a night!

Our first main day in Lima (April 24th) we walked to the local park, which happened to be “Love Park”, overlooking the beach. It was stunning.

After our stroll we took a trip over to the LARCO Museum, which was a converted 15th century mansion. It was absolutely beautiful. We had an amazing lunch in the museum garden restaurant.

The lunch finished with a spectacular dessert made from a local fruit, luzuma.

Then we looked through the pre-Incan and Incan artifacts. The history was very interesting and Ansell completely geeked out over the artifacts.

They also had an erotic gallery, which was mostly funny. They even had pottery for people with STD’s and an animal section!


  1. I would eat that dessert so hard.

  2. Looks gorgeous! Lol, excepting that last photo anyway...