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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Southern Christmas - Savannah, GA

Our romantic day in Savannah, GA

       Ansell and I passed through Savannah before, on our first road trip from Florida to DC. It was Ansell’s idea to stop in then and I loved it. My only regret was not getting to stay longer so we were determined to get at least a day there for Christmas.

Outside a fancy hotel (not ours)

We got a pretty good deal on a nice hotel room. It was huge! Shame we were only there one night.


Savannah has some beautiful spots. Parks are plentiful and everywhere you walk church spires peak through trees laden with Spanish moss.

The old houses were lovely and most of them had little garden areas or porches; very southern.


There were some also special unique things sprinkled along the way, like an antique police car (they were brown) or a gorgeous old fountain.

We tripped across a teashop which I HAD to stop in and try. I had mercy on Ansell and left him to his own devices while I sampled their wares. Anyway, I needed all my faculties to appreciate the cream tea I ordered.

The scones were a little doughy but the cream and jam was top shelf and all together it was delicious. Although it kills me how small they make scones in America. I guess American’s think that they are dainty but I never met a real British scones that wasn’t bigger than my mouth.


I tried the Savannah Grey, but was disappointing. It tasted like Early Grey but with less flavor. It was sadly a bit boring but I still enjoyed it.

While at the shop part of the teahouse I discovered a series of tea-related mystery books. You read me correctly. The titles were hysterical “Scones and Bones”, “Chamomile Mourning”, and “The Teaberry Strangler” are just some.

There is also a scrap-booking mystery series. I know.

I bought “The Teaberry Strangler” just for fun. The book covers show different tea sets. Hilarious!

The Christmas decorations were very nice and plenty of the residents went all out with the Christmas trees.


Ansell and I had our romantic Christmas dinner at Circa 1875.

We opened our presents (different blog post about those) in the bar area.

Then moved downstairs for our fancy French dinner. Apparently, the downstairs eating area, which they did to a catholic theme, is haunted. ;) Whatever, the food was amazing, ghost or no.

The most delicious Crème Brule was for dessert but I wasn’t able to take a picture of it before it was gone. :D

We had a wonderful day in Savannah and I was sorry to leave, but it was time for our night-drive to Tampa!


  1. Savannah looks super cute! So does the tea house, the south always has lots of cute tea houses though. Did you read the book? Was it any good?

  2. Savannah was great. We also want to visit Charleston. There is a lot to be said for these old Southern cities. I am struggling through the book...