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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The GYST Club

The GYST Club

I was invited to join a newly formed club by some new friends called the GYST club. It’s an anagram for Get Your Shit Together. :D

Essentially, there are 5 of us and we meet once a month. Each month we pick a person to focus on and that person can use the meeting for help, brainstorming, etc for any problem they have, whether it’s personal or professional. The best part is we do it over wine and snacks.


It’s a really great group of women, which includes Susannah, who owns a boudoir photography studio Unveil by Alumbra, Lauran and Rachel who own a floral design and wedding planning business Sweet Root Village, Sarah a make-up artist and entrepreneur, and me!


We have met twice now and I really enjoy the meetings. It’s great to have a group of young entrepreneur women who are making their own path in the world. They are inspiring and wonderful people to talk to.

Can’t wait for the next meeting!

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  1. Looks like a good time too. What did you talk about?