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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Great Gatsby Party!

The Great Gatsby Party!


Last month a friend of ours threw a big Great Gatsby costume party.

I was pretty excited about it and timed my hair appointment for the week before the party so I would have a freshly cut 1920s bob.

I also had Arika send me the 1920s dress I had left with her, which she kindly did. I took in the dress a little bit on the sides so it was still baggy ala 1920s but without looking like wearing a moo-moo.

She also sent me a lovely pair of earrings, which I paired with the outfit. 

I also wore my snake bracelet, which was a Christmas present from Ansell, a long string of pearls I found at a used store for $5 (and have worn so much since then), a shorter strand of pearls, fancy headband I had in my headband stash, patent leather shoes I found year ago at a second store in Florida, and blinged out ring from H&M.

I looked up photos of 1920s makeup and tried to re-create the color schemes and style. As usually I should have pushed the envelope more and made it bolder. (sigh)

Ansell was equally dashing and already had most of the outfit. He simply ordered a boater hat, put everything together, and BAM! 1920s gentleman.

Once we got to the party I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TAKE ANY PHOTOS. I’m so ashamed of myself because there was so much cool stuff and people really went for the theme. Our host, Adam, had glasses arranged to say “1920” and everyone was dressed really well. It was a successful party and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Just wish I had taken some photos.

Here are some photos taken by others.

Can't wait for the movie! Darn you WB for pushing back the release day!

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