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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Owl Apron

Owl Apron!
As a Christmas present for my apron-loving boss I decided to make her the owl apron I have secretly been craving.

This fabulous fabric was made by Ceanirminger on Spoonflower.com as part of the one-yard apron pattern contest. Ceanirminger always has beautiful fabric and she is hands-down my favorite designer. I was glad to get an excuse to buy this.

Here it is! Freshly ironed and placed lovingly on my floor. The detail and color are fantastic on the piece. It is just as beautiful in person as in the picture, even on the (relatively at $18 a yard) cheap quilting fabric. I can only imagine what it would look like on nicer fabric though.

I found the printed instructions a little hard to follow, but since I’m not a beginner and common sense is really all you need to put the pieces together anyway, it wasn’t too difficult to figure it out.

The two long “wooden” top pieces will both be sewn in half to create the tie-arounds.

The middle piece with the baby owls will get sewn onto the apron piece just as it’s laid out with the two side wooden pieces as it’s backing.


Ceanirminger thoughtfully put dotted lines on the apron where the pockets will get sewn.

The bottom feathers just need to be matched to the appropriate owl.


On a special, cute, note are the pleats on the side. Here are the instructions:

And here are the helpful pictures:

What an adorable, and suitable, way of showing the pleats! It’s touches like these that really make projects like these so fun and designers like Ceanirminger so great.

Here is what it looks like front and back.

Now, it’s on! 



I really want to make my own but make it into a skirt. 
Put it on the project list!

The hard work paid off! My boss loves it and here she is modeling her new apron!


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  1. Oh so cute! I totally want one now! Ceanirminger fans for life!