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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paper Tape Dress Form – Chapter 1

Paper Tape Dress Form – Chapter 1

I bought some Duck brand Reinforced Gummed Tape that is water activated. One roll was 2.75 inches wide and 375 feet long. I think it was about $10 including shipping. There was some gummed tape at the local art shop but the reinforced kind is much stronger.

You can see the crossed lines; these are small strings that are used to reinforce the tape. The shiny side is the gummed side. It simply needs a damp rag run across it to activate the glue. You only get one chance to wet it and stick it down so get it right the first time around.

Prepare all your strips ahead of time. This is somewhat time-consuming and you will need different lengths.

In the end I cut 5 different sizes.

Smallest to largest (WxL):

0.5” x 3” = 85 - too be used for small curvy areas such as breasts, collar bones, neck, etc

3” x 4.5” = 36 - thought these might be useful for flat small areas but we didn’t really use these

1.5” x 6” = 240 - used for crosshatching, although most of these were used for strengthing the inside of the form

1.5” x 18” = 14 - long thin strips for taping off the main areas such as between the breasts, midriff, waist, etc.

3” x 18” = 12 - Wide flat areas. However, we never used these. Instead we cut them into fours to make long, thin strips for the back area.

Although you’ll want to prepare lots of strips you’ll find that you will need to make a lot more in various sizes etc as it crops up.

Now, set up your workstation.

  • Hairdryer - to help with the drying process but we never used it. The tape sets quickly.
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape – just in case
  • Roll of tape – you’ll need to cut more as you go along
  • Damp rag
  • Pre-cut strips
  • Long, form fitting, turtleneck – A turtleneck is best but buy it one size too small so it fits you skintight.

Here it is on. It fit me like a glove although I probably should have tugged it down before I took the picture since it looks a bit wrinkled. However, you can easily see my body curves.

  • Optional: I created a little sketch with where strips can go. This was to help me and my taper visualize the project.
  • Optional: Snazzy socks for warmth and pizzazz.

Next Chapter will be on the actual process of applying the tape and shaping it to your body.

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