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Monday, January 30, 2012

Paper Tape Dress Form - Related Links

Paper Tape Dress Form - Related Links

Here are all the links I used to research making my dress form.

I had done a duct tape dress form before and wasn't pleased. So I researched other methods. 

This website is great for the different possibilities in making a dress form.
Threads: Clone yourself a fitting assistant

After reading all the methods the paper tape dress form seemed by far the best option. Here is the direct link:
Threads: Paper-Tape Dress Form

Here is the other two blogs I read specifically about the Paper Tape Dress Form.
I like this one because it shows how well you can do crosshatching:
Jejune Blog - Paper Tape Dress Form

This one was references in the above blog. While it is good for the clear step-by-step instructions I think the breast areas shouldn't besquared off like it was done. Made the breasts look weird to me.
Instructables: Custom Dressform

Hope these links help! Good luck with your Paper Tape Dress Form!

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