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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alexandria Farmer's Market

I woke up early last Saturday and decided to hit the local Farmer’s Market before work.

The farmer’s market in Alexandria is, of course, super cute. It takes place at the back of the Alexandria City Hall where there is a community area and large fountain/pool.

The farmer’s market has produce, flowers, artists, and other food stalls. I got decked out in my summer gear complete with big hat, large sunglasses, light cardigan, and cotton dress.

It was already 90 degrees at 8:00 that morning and the sun was pretty harsh. So, I was happy to have a light cardigan and hat to protect my skin from the sun.

Here is my favorite produce stall and I got some giant tomatoes, a squash, a zucchini, giant peaches, apples, cherry tomatoes, and a big watermelon.

I also got local yogurt from a yogurt and cheese stall.

Until Ansell comes back (August 13th evening!) I will be going on a diet. No meat, one cooked meal a day, fresh fruits and veggies the rest of my meals, and only fruits, veggies, and some yogurt with limited grains.

I also got a heavy-duty antioxidant green tea that I’ll have daily and bolster the whole diet with V8 and LOTS of water.

So far, I’m really enjoying it! It’s kind of a relief to know that you can only have these certain types of food and all you have to do it slice it up and eat up. The produce itself is so delicious that it only takes a touch of seasoning. :)

One of the best things about going to a Farmer's Market is that you are supporting local business. It is more expensive but you don't have to do ALL your grocery shopping there. Get some of your favorite produce from a Farmer's Market and supplement it with Trader Joes. Either way you're supporting local produce!

Bon Appétit! 


  1. Yay I love your big hat! I'm super into cute hat's right now, I feel like you need to be wearing bright red lipstick with yours.
    So why are you on a diet?

  2. Thank you! I really should have worn red lips, I would have looked SO FAB!

    As for the diet...I work like crazy now, almost 60 hours a week plus 4-5 Spanish study hours on top. Because of the crazy schedule I was slipping into bad eating habits and my skin really broke out.
    Thus the diet!
    So, I can feel better, eat healthy even if my schedule isn't, and get my skin back to where it should be! :)

    1. Okay I suppose in that case I can get behind a diet.