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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meow-Summer Spirits, Rainforest, Spirit of Summer

Meow Cosmetics
Summer Spirits, Rainforest, Spirit of Summer

I arranged these by color rather than collection so you could see the differences between the colors better.

In bright sunlight

Summer Spirits - Mint Julep: Awesome minty/seafoam, shimmery, pastel green with hints of lime.

Summer Spirits - Teal Tini: Arika said I HAD to get this, and indeed I did. I wasn’t actually impressed with the color on the website but I love actually love it. It’s a really fresh bright teal.

Rainforest - Tropical: A bright lime color. SO summery! This is actually what I thought Starfruit from the Carribean collection was going to be and totally wasn’t.

In medium light

Rainforest - Bromeliad: Wow, this is pink. It’s a bright pink with some peachy undertone. I’m not sure if I can actually wear this but I will try!

Joys of Summer - Beach Bonfire: I liked how this color looked on Arika’s blog so I got a sample. It’s a deep burnt orange. I’m really interested in trying this out as a liner.

Summer Spirits - Jungle juice: Another very bright pink that almost verges into peach/orange but pulls back at the last second. It’s a fun color but I’m not sure how it will look on.

Rainforest - Torch: A delicious bright blend of orange and peach. It’s a less deep version of Beach Bonfire and much brighter.  

With Flash

Rainforest - Macaw: A standard bright, pure, yellow. Good staple to have.

Summer Spirits - Caribou Lou: Another standard pastel, soft yellow.

Free Samples
Pandora’s Box-Depravity: Really love this sample! It’s a deep rich, plum. Would make a fantastic dramatic smoky eye.

End of Days-Nibiru: Looove this color! A soft peachy that is so pretty and reminds me of peach macaroons. I can’t wait to use this. It also blends down soft and delicate.
I’m seriously considering getting a full size of this.

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