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Monday, August 20, 2012

NYC - Day 1 Tuesday 8/14

This will be helpful!

And we’re off! 
We left DC’s Union Station at 8:30am and arrived at Penn Station at 12:30pm. We started by exploring the Penn Station area, which included the Garment District. The Fashion Institute is there and so the whole area has turned itself into every conceivable fashion/costume type business from stores devoted to trim to beads, feathers, fabric, and everything in-between. 

It was pretty fabulous! I did a lot of window-shopping but didn’t go in. I don’t need to feed the addiction!

We had a delicious Panini of prosciutto, goat cheese, and sundried tomato at the Picnic Basket before heading to the nearby Uniqlo.

We love Uniqlo and don’t have one in DC. It was such a cool store and even beat the one in Japan! We stocked up on staples before finishing our exploration of Chelsea and Midtown West, which is more stores and restaurants.

Then it was off to Harlem to see our apartment we rented for 3 days from Airbnb. It was shockingly large and I couldn’t believe we got such a great deal! 

It also had a big bathtub and Ansell and I celebrated our first night with a bath. Lovely!

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  1. Awww soo cool! I want a pastel rainbow striped mannequin. Wouldn't we have so much fun in any garment district? We would buy so much stuff it's not even funny.