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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meow Cosmetics- Caribbean Escape

                   Meow Cosmetics 
Caribbean Escape

Without Flash

Liner - Pirates: Smoky mute purple. Nice enough but not really for me. I should have tried this wet. It may have given a deeper color.

Liner - Typhoon: Royal Blue with no real sparkle. It’s very similar to other Meow shades. Really nice as an eyeliner.

Aruba: Interesting green rather like cat eyes.

Atlantis: A beautiful gold orange. Wish I’d gotten a full size in this.

With Flash

Dolphin: Dolphin blue is a very apt name. It’s a nice bright blue powdery blue that reminds me of vintage cars. I have got to stop ordering blues. I really don’t need any more!

Kiwi: Perfectly named! Very bright green that is fresh and fruity.

Mai-tai: Powderery gold yellow. Basic but nice. I’m not really sure what’s mai-tai about it though as it’s not super jazzy.

Papaya: I think this pink is really cute. It’s nice and mellow with a hint of peachy orange.

Ocean Spray: A bright tropical green. Really fun shade and I can see myself wearing it.

Shipwrecked: Deeeeeep purple. I think it would work really nice as a thick, bold eyeliner.

Starfruit: Bright, happy, yellow with not a hint of green. Again, Starfruit is a good name for it.

Blood orange: A very coppery orange. Orange colors are my new fav eyecolor so I took a risk and ordered a full size of this.
I really like how this looks here but not how it looks on me. I need to play with it.

Jerk: A deep peachy orange. Again loved this color and bought a full size.  It’s not matte but not super glittery. I love it in swatch but haven’t used it yet so I hope it looks good on.

Blush - Calypso: A darker, sublte pink with some gold sparkle. I haven’t used this yet so I’m not sure what it will look like actually on but I like it here.

Blush - Soka: A much brighter, bubblegum-esque pink, good on the apples of my cheek. Excellent for a 1940s pin-up look. It’s the blush I used for my 1920s and 1930s photoshoots with Paul Bohman

Feliner: Cat O’Nine Tails – A powder eyeliner. It’s made to use wet and you can see why. The first swatch is dry the second is wet. Boring brown dry but wet it’s a deep chocolate brown with copper sparkles. I love this! It’s such a nice alternative to black and really brings out my blue eyes.

Free Sample - Midnight Sun: Medium periwinkle. Didn’t go on well. Needed water to get it on. So, while I like the color I’m not sure I’ll use this particular sample much.

Free Sample - Endless nights: Love this light, sparkly purple just wish it played better with my skin. Maybe it would look better on Arika.


  1. I'm kinda interested in Aruba and Jerk now, I'm surprised you didn't pick up Bermuda Triangle, it was so interesting when I tried it.

    I wasn't impressed with Mai-Tai either, but I did think it looked like your basic Mai-Tai cocktail. Some of the fancier version are prettier though.

  2. I really like Aruba and Jerk! I think they would look fantastic on you!

    I didn't pick Bermuda Triangle because I try to stay away from greens, especially dark ones. Most people don't realize but the Italian in me actually gives me a slight olive complexion that people don't usually notice. But put a green against it and it starts picking it up more and makes me look a little sickly.
    In short, greens don't always play well with my skin and it's not a color I go to. I just couldn't resist some of these tropical ones though.

    I really want to get some cool Looks with this new eyeshadow. Got to get the time to do it!

    1. I would love to see them when you do!