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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NYC - Day 2 Wednesday 8/15

Another day, another chance to explore!

I started off the day practicing the fishtail braid. It’s the only braid that truly gives that shaft of wheat look.

We began our touristing (yes, I made that into a word) in Central Park and it is so much bigger than I thought!

It’s huge and so beautiful. It really has everything. From castles, to huts, to little brick houses, lakes, ponds, fountains, gardens, open grounds, big trees, little trees, playgrounds, EVERYTHING you could want in a park!

We started about 1/3rd the way down and it took us two hours to get to the bottom. It was a great way to start the day. I was a bit puffed out at the end of it though!

Unfortunately our next stop in Brooklyn wasn’t so great. We met up with a friend, Nick, and tried to find the Brooklyn Flea, a big flea market, which is supposed to be great. I went to their website to make sure it didn’t say Weekends Only. Whelp, the website didn’t say it was but there was no flea market to be found. Then it rained hard and that sucked.

We aborted the Brooklyn plan and headed into the East Village, which was awesome! Packed with cool restaurants from end to end it’s the perfect location to do a food tour. Wish we had the time!

Nick, Ansell, and I drank some beers at an Irish pub while the storm overhead passed then walked around the awesome that is East Village until we ducked into a Cuban restaurant. The boys had rum punch while I snacked on these amazing Latin inspired deviled eggs. SO GOOD!

Inadvertent picture of Nick when getting
the Cuban restaurant...he's making a weird face.

It was great to chill out and talk with our friend Nick. He recently got accepted into Columbia’s writing program so it’s only a matter of time before we have his published books on our bookshelf. It’s also a great excuse to keep coming back to NY!

East Village had so many great niche restaurants that it is my No. 1 place to go back to and explore. I will definitely have to stop in to here next time and get my tea on!

Ansell and I were planning on hitting some bars at night but the weather got so bad we beat a retreat to our apartment and had another bath instead!

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  1. I'm shocked you did not at least buy a tea from the tea shop while you were there.