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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cake Invasion!

I mentioned this briefly on the Izalia Laser Spa facebook page, ie the place I work at, that we had a wedding cake invasion.

However, I didn't get to show all the pics I took, thus this post!

Anyway, one morning before work Occasionally Cake, a wedding cake shop that also does cupcakes etc, photographed their beautiful cakes in our equally lovely spa. 

I know, it's almost too pretty to look at directly.

It was a marriage made in heaven and the sugar of it all was captured by local favorite photographer Paul Bohman.

They even have snazzy t-shirts!

I got to talk to the co-owner and cake creator Sabrina and she is super nice and passionate about her cakes and the decorating of her new store near the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. I'm sure by the time it's open (sometime in March, fingers crossed) it will be gorgeous! Can't wait!

Until then, enjoy the eye candy!

My favorite cake!

Oooohh the colors!

Welcome to Art Deco!


  1. I think my favorite is the two layer with the pink ruffle. Did you get to eat one afterwards? It seems a bit sacrilege, but cake must be tasty as well as pretty.

  2. Actually most of these were display cakes which equals real icing but styrofoam underneath. :D