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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meow Cosmetics - Neptune's Grotto

Meow Cosmetics - Neptune's Grotto

Meow Cosmetics does some great sale and I got this collection at 14% off with free shipping. Yeah!

This whole collection is just various shades of blue, greens, blue-greens, and silver-grays. So while I love each and every one of these shades if you aren’t a big fan of those colors there’s no need to forge ahead.
I will note that the greens you see in Meow’s collection picture are nowhere near that green as you will see below. I know I sound like a broken record but c’mon get some skin swatches for these things.

Since the colors were all so similar I washed my brush between each one of these swatches so you get the truest color possible.

Malawi: Nice strong medium blue with light sparkle.

Acheron: Probably the only shade that looks exactly like the Meow picture. A smoky medium-dark blue that is shimmery but not sparkly.

Tanganyika: Lovely light-medium blue with shimmer. More intense than the Meow picture.

Saltwater: In the Meow picture this looks like a light smoky green. Not at all, instead it’s an intense shimmery light silver with a few sparkles and a slight undertone of blueish-green. I like it better than the Meow picture color.

Blue: Similar to Malawi but perhaps less deep and a little more silvery.

Chasm: This is an interesting color. When used wet it’s a blue even more intense than Malawi but with less shimmer and more silver sparkle. However if lightly brushed on dry it’s a very light blue with more silver sparkle.

Grotto: Any time you see a shade that looks green in the collection, it’s not. However, I think the actual color is so much better! Grotto is the lightest blue of the collection without tripping into being silver. It’s lovely, light, and shimmery with no sparkle.

Seaspray: A medium-light blue with some green undertones and shimmery with light sparkle.

Black Crystal Abyss: LOVE this color! It’s slightly darker than the Meow picture but pretty close. It’s a deep color that treds that fine line between blue and black without turning grey. Has pink/red sparkle in it with very light shimmer to it.

Phlegethon: A stunning deep blue that is darker than the Meow picture and more complex but pretty close to the actual color. This color is so beautiful and really stands out as the deepest, most intense blue of the collection with light sparkle.

Dead Sea: True to the Meow picture, an intriguing mix of intense smoky blue and green without quite being teal or aqua. Intense shimmer and sparkle.

Abzu: A silvery aqua green. A nice color and would be very complimentary to a certain color outfit but it’s such a specific shade that I’m not sure I would wear with just anything.

The grays in this collection are stunning!

Styx: Well heeelllooo gorgeous deep dark grey with pink sparkle that will look amazing as eyeliner! Oh yes, we will be keeping you around.

Cocytus: Can I have your number? An amazing strong silver with plenty of shimmer and sparkle. Underneath lurks just a hint of green for complexity. Goes on easy and intense. A must have for any silver lover.

Rio Negro: Gah! I don’t know if this sample was just made wrong but it is such a beautiful light silver that is more shimmer and sparkle than anything else but boy was it clumpy to put on! It has an almost pink undertone warming it up and it’s a real stunner.

Lethe: A fairly standard medium silver that is mostly shimmer and less sparkle. Rounds out the grays nicely but as a stand-alone (especially compared to Cocytus) it lacks complexity.

All together now!
Without Flash
With Flash

      I LOVED this collection. I'm going to do some serious sampling over the next few weeks and then buy several full sizes from this collection. For sure I will at least get the two deep blues Black Crystal Abyss and Phlegethon and my top favorite silvers Styx, Cocytus, and Rio Negro. I will have to think about the other blues and greens. They are all so beautiful!

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  1. Ooh I am all about Black Crystal Abyss and Abzu.