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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meow Cosmetics - XMAS Trees, Reindeer, and Xmas Ghost

Meow Cosmetics - XMAS Trees, Reindeer, and Xmas Ghost

 (All swatch pictures are Without Flash then With Flash)

XMAS Trees

Cypress & Fraser Fir

            I don’t normally do straight greens, I stick with blue/greens for the most part but I liked the look of Cypress and Fraser had a bit of teal in it. Arika’s blog was helpful when I picked out the greens because I probably wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. In hindsight I should have bought Pine. Oh well.

  Of course I ended up liking Fraser Fir the best because it was darker and bluer. I don’t think I will wear Cypress that much as it doesn’t suit my skin color but it’s nice.



I only bought Blitzen because it looked so good on Arika’s blog. She complained of regretting not getting enough so I decided to get two samples for myself! I thought Donner looked nice as well but a little plain.


            Blitzen is a more of a medium blue than the website picture shows. It has good coverage and the sparkles in it add a nice dimensional. This is an overall good blue.

Xmas Ghost

Frostbite & Winter Coat
        Frostbite looked like heaven. Another shade I looked forward to!



Yep, Frostbite was pretty as a light smokey lavender dappled with discreet gold sparkes. However, Winter Coat was surprising by being such a lovely smoky purple that the photos do not do justice to.

All together now!

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