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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day!

First off, Ansell got me a cute heart shaped rose. AWWWW!

Anyway, Valentine’s day was more of Valentine’s week due to a special sale at work so I did a Valentines theme for the entire week (excluding Saturday).

This is what my work place looked like:

Valentine’s Meal with Ansell (actually occurred on Wednesday lunchtime)

I bought some adorable heart shaped ravioli at the Eastern Market. The hearts were spinach and pine nuts. The squares were pumpkin and goat cheese.

Charla gave me a relatively easy butter basil sauce recipe to put over it...which of course I screwed up and burnt. Oh well! It still looked and tasted good!

The Look! Of Love
-My main looks were Tuesday through Thursday

Tuesday: The Main Day!

Annette, my boss, bought me some pink fake hair things so I put those in then did a ton of twisty braids and topped it of with a braid.


 Egyptian Treasures collection color Royal is the eyeliner. This has become one of my favorite eyeliners, it’s a gorgeous color! Merry Mayhem’s Secret Santa over most of the eye with 12 Pain’s Tree Fire on the inner corner. Glacial Grove’s Brisk was the brow highlight. 

The heart is Secret Santa and Royal.

This photo was used on the Izalia Facebook to promote our sale. I like it since it shows off my heart and nails.

Wednesday: I can’t remember at all what I used but I know it included PreNup by Geek Chic.

Thursday: This look is talked about in detail in my post about Meow Cosmetics Glacial Grove Collection.


The previous week I had yellow nails with red hearts.

The week of Valentine’s I had different reds with heart glitter.

I'm going to end this love post with Ansell looking at a mutant monster strawberry during our Valentine meal. He's such a romantic! 

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