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Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Meringue Skirt – Voting Time!

Project Meringue Skirt – Voting Time!

Here is the skirt…

She is so pale and so pretty. Could I ever pull off that hair color? No.

Here are your choices curtesy of Spoonflower.com.


Gentleman by Tweet

One yard

Ceci Nest Pas Une Plum by Francine

Just a Splash by SammyK

Des Oiseaux by SurlyBirdStudio

            Let me know in the comments or on Facebook which one you like best for this project!


  1. My vote is for Ceci Nest Pas Une Plum, it will look adorable with that wave on the bottom.

  2. I vote Des Oiseaux. I like Ceci Nest Pas Une Plum, but I think it would look better cut on the bias with a different type of skirt.

  3. Totally agree with Rose, I definitely think Ceci Nest Pas Une Plum would be better bias cut on a different skirt. Plus I think the scallop edge will go better with the pears in Des Oiseaux.