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Friday, February 10, 2012

Meow Cosmetics – The Christmas Collections

Meow Cosmetics – The Christmas Collection

So, I conservatively tried out some Geek Chic cosmetics and then went nuts sampling Meow Cosmetics. The entire Christmas collections were on sale so I bought mostly from those.

While I like Geek Chic, especially the Win or Die collection, I thought overall Meow’s colors were more complex. However, there were some colors that seemed pretty repetitive and the website sorely needs to show the colors swatched on skin since the sample pictures are somewhat deceptive. That being said, they have beautiful complex colors and I recommend them to anyone!

Today my many many samples came and I gleefully swatched the crap out of my arm! In fact, I swatched and washed so many times by arm was really sore by the end.

Anyway, the package came in a nice small padded envelope and the samples themselves were tucked into a cute leopard print bag, which was a nice touch! I also got two extra samples thrown in. Nice! I also appreciated the handwritten “Thank you Teal” on my receipt.

Here they all are, lined up!

All the various Christmas collections samples

Other collections samples

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