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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meow Collections: Merry Mayhem, Glacial Grove, Winter Spirits

Meow Collections – Merry Mayhem, Glacial Grove, Winter Spirits

 Merry Mayhem

Secret Santa & Coal

            I decided to take a risk and try the Secret Santa although I typically stay well away from reds/ dark pinks.

Secret Santa: A true red with slight shimmer. This was a great buy considering Valentine’s Day was right around the corner.

Coal: Exactly what it sounds and looks like. Dark grey with multi-color sparkle. A nice all around liner and would make a good smoky eye.

Winter Spirits

Shiraz & Pinot Noir


Sheesh, could I have bought more purples?! Although, in hindsight, I think I should have got Chianti as well. Oh my fear of reds did not do me well.

Shiraz: Lavender that looks fairly opaque but glitters in the light and has some blueish undertones. Not that impressed because it feel like I’ve seen it before. Like it’s a blend of other lavenders I’ve seen.

Pinot Noir: Deep smoky purple with multicolor sparkle. I wasn’t super impressed with this either. Just didn’t strike me.

            These colors ended up not impressing me. I didn’t think they were rich enough so eh.

Glacial Grove

Brisk, Woodlands, Thicket, Icebound

            I think this collection is visually stunning and had really interesting glittery browns and tawnys that were different from what I have seen before.

Natural light: The pic doesn't actually show how glittery these are in the just regular light.

Brisk: Thought this would be pinker but it’s actually a slightly pinker, shimmery version of my skintone. It’s quite nice and would make a lovely brow highlight.

Woodlands: Dark rich brown with multicolor sparkle.

With Flash: This really shows the glitter

Thicket: Medium rich brown with multicolor sparkle.

Icebound: Interesting tawny silver with multicolor sparkle. I really liked this color and haven’t seen anything like it.

Woodlands and Thicket weren’t substantial different shades from the browns I have in my Kat Von D brown collection from Sephora but they have a ton of glitter in them. This makes them almost party or glamour browns and I’m glad I have them. I love Brisk and Icebound, they are interesting shades and look great with my skin. 

Next Christmas this is the collection I want to invest the most in.

All Together!

The Look! Modest Love

I was getting tired of my continuing Valentines theme (this was the last day on the theme) so instead of doing really red/pink eyes, I did red/browns; thus the name Modest Love.

Woodlands is the main eyeliner with Pinot Noir eyeliner in the outer corners. Brisk was on the whole eye with Secret Santa 
on the corners. Icebound is the 
brow highlight.

Whelp! That’s it for the Christmas Collections of Meow. I have a few collections left but they aren’t Christmas themed so they will be a little more spread out between other posts. Christmas is officially over for me now!

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