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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Colette Sewing Book Blog Series - Intro

The Colette Sewing Book Blog Series - Intro

            I have been thinking about moving into the wearable clothes arena for a while. I wanted to keep sewing but didn’t want to do costumes. I frequently see fun clothes or fabrics that I would love to wear and I want the power to make them myself and, most importantly, perfectly fitted to my body and personality! This means I need to brush-up on pattern making.

I decided to buy the Colette Sewing book. It’s made for the beginner to intermediate sewer. While I’m no beginner and some of the stuff was old hat some things like proper interfacing was great to read up on. One of my favorite things about the book is that it takes the time to talk about making things that are practical to the your personal wardrobe. I think that reality check is needed because without it I have a feeling I would be pumping out lots of cute dresses with little wearability.

Colette also takes it one step farther by providing several clothing projects from a cute skirt to a fitted dress, with accompanying patterns, which steadily build on the sewers techniques and difficulty skill. I think working through these projects will brush away the sewing cobwebs and keep me focused. I’m pretty excited!

            So I’m going to start a series of blogs, interspersed with everything else, called “The Colette Sewing Book Series” that chronicle each sewing project. I will post the project picture and the fabrics I’m considering for it and you can tell me which fabric you like best!

See you soon!

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