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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meow Cosmetics - Snowflake

Meow Cosmetics - Snowflake

Brrrr, Flurry, Sleet, Ice Storm, Blizzard

       I bought a whole bunch of these. Not sure what possessed me to get Sleet since I thought it kinda had a greenish cast to it but I just thought it looked interesting.

Brrr: Oh hello purple again! Not nearly as strong or deep as shown in the Meow pic, rather it’s lavender with smoky blue undertones with light sparkle.

Flurry: Pretty true to the picture, a light lavender that would be complimentary with any deeper color and make a good brow highlight.

Sleet: Totally metallic silver with very little sparkle but a lot of shine.

Ice Storm: A less intense sparkle than I expected but a truly brilliant blue which strongly reminds me of the blue morpho butterfly.

Blizzard: Loved this color! I was surprised by the complexity of the color, which doesn’t show, either in the Meow photo or my swatch. However, it’s a lovely dark grey with blue-purple undertones and blue sparkle. I would totally full-size this if I had the chance!

The Look! Sideways Sleet

I wasn't a huge fan of this look but I think it's partly because I can't pull off pure blues with my skin color.


Blizzard as the lower liner. Brr as the inner upper liner and Sleet as the outer upper liner. Ice Storm as the blue "sweep" on the eye lid and Flurry as the inner sweep of the eye lid.


  1. I think we came to the same conclusions with most of these swatches except what I saw in Sleet,and what you saw in Sleet were very different. Which just goes to show how important samples are. Things like what primer you use, your skin tone, lighting, and even the individual eye can all make a big difference in the color of something.

  2. Yes, your Sleet looked so much more like the Meow picture! Mine was practically silver with nothing else going on. I agree about the individual eye and skin color playing such an important part. When I was looking over the photos of my Look the blues seemed to almost clash with the blue of my eyes. My eyes actually have some green in them which is why teal's look good on me and purples to some extent but regular blues don't seem to mesh well. Go figure!