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Monday, February 20, 2012

Meow Collections - 12 Pains

Meow Collections - 
12 Pains

This collection struck my funny bone as it’s all the bad stuff associated with Christmas. I loved reading the labels for these colors.

I was so excited for Tree Fire. It looked so beautiful! I also thought Lights Out looked stunning. In-Laws and Burnt Turkey also intrigued me while I thought Black Friday would be great as a liner. This collection excited me the most.

Tree Fire: It turned out a little redder and less orangey than I thought it would but I really like it and it goes well with Calories.

Party Crasher: Nice but not overly original. It’s very similar to other blues I got but it has a touch of seafoam.

In-Laws: This is actually a lighter glitterier (that’s a word!) version of Lights Out. It actually looks really nice paired with Lights Out.

Lights Out: Boy this does not look like its picture. I was expecting a smoky steel blue but instead I got a rich matte periwinkle. It’s very pretty though!

Burnt Turkey: A little bit of a disappointment. I expected it to be golder but it really just comes out brown. I prefer Geek Chic’s “We Are Coming” to this.

Black Friday: Plain glittery black eye shadow that works as a more complex liner than standard black. What I expected and I’m pleased.

This collection did not end up being as exciting as I thought but it had a couple of colors that I like and blending the blues together creates a really nice look.

The Look! Heat Wave Freezer

This creates a nice blue eye and the Tree Fire warms it up.

Lights Out as the upper eye liner and Black Friday as the outer lower liner with Party Crasher on the inside. Lights Out starts on the outside of the eye and blends into In-Laws then Party Crasher. Tree Fire is the brow highlight. I didn’t use Burnt Turkey.

This was the week before Valentine's and my nails were painted awesome in accordance!

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  1. Love the nails! I picked up tree fire too, you're right not as orange as I hoped, more coral I think.