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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meow Cosmetics - Xmas Rant

Xmas Rant

Some Assembly Required, Office Party, Drunken Relatives, Commercialism, Bah Humbug, Bustle, Hustle, and Calories

            I really liked this collection. It had a lot of the green/blue and purple shades I love. I liked the look of Calories and Arika was gaga over it, plus I thought it would look good with some other coral colors I bought. My favorite based on the picture was Drunken Relatives.

This collection was very nice when I swatched it but the Meow pictures of the colors really didn’t match up to the actual color. You can see the difference.

Hustle – I feel like this is just a rerun of Blitzen.

Some Assembly Required – Perwinkle with minimal glitter. Not nearly as dark as Meow's photo but a lovely shade that has a much richer color than the picture shows. Unfortunatly, you kinda have to pile it on to get that rich of a color.

Bah hambug – This is a darker Blitzen. It’s nice but compared to the other shades I bought in this collections it’s blasé.

Office Party -  Again, the Meow picture makes it look like an intense teal color but it’s not. It’s more like a bold medium-dark blue with very little teal undertones. It’s nice but not what I thought I was buying.

Commericalism – Very pretty light teal/ aquaramine. It’s lighter than the Meow photo shows.

Drunken Relatives – This is why Meow needs to have colors swatched on skin for accuracy. It is still a beautiful color but it is less of a glittery royal purple and more of a saturated deep purple-blue with very little sparkle. I really love it but the Meow picture is not accurate.

Bustle – Smoky navy blue with some sparkle. While not the color that stands out the most I see it being very useful with my closet.

Calories – This shade is really beautiful. Think of a buttery orange and that’s what you have. It’s really nice and bright with a lovely dimension that doesn’t make your eye look like it’s been painted. Really pretty!

All Together Now!
Without Flash

This collection, especially Some Assembly Required, Drunker Relatives, and Calories, deserved me buying a full size.

With Flash

The Look! Butterfly Poison 

I loved some of these colors so much! I seriously need Drunken Relatives and Calories in full-size. The whole eye turned out really beautiful and the colors worked well together.

Drunken Relatives as the upper lid liner. Bustle on the outer lower lid. Office Party on outer lid, Commercialism middle lid, Calories on the inner corner and lower lid liner. Hustle inner brow highlight with Some Assembly Required outer brow highlight.

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  1. Do you use primer?
    I think you could get alot more sparkle and color payoff if you used primer.