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Monday, February 6, 2012

Geek Chic Cosmetics

My first foray into make-up reviews! Finally took the leap into make-up blogging and decided to start with Geek Chic Cosmetics since Arika said that her favorite new eyeshadow and lip product was from them.

            I played it conservative and bought 6 eyeshadow samples.

From the Timey Wimey collection I bought “We Are Coming” and “Bigger On The Inside.”


10 Man Raid “Glass Cannon”

Win or Die “Across the Narrow Sea”

Geekily Ever After “Bridezilla” and “Prenup”
            -Unbeknonst to be they discontinued the line after I bought the samples from them. Thought this was a bit cheeky considering they never mentioned that on the collection page. “Prenup” has been renamed “Brony” and is in the Single Player collection. "Bridezilla" is no where to be seen...

            It came in a padded first class envelope with a business card and invoice with a handwritten Thank You! across it.

            The samples came in clamshells. A note about clamshells, originally I thought clamshells would be easier because you can dip your brush in etc but seriously EVERY TIME, no matter how careful I am, I open and close the cases I lose product. They’re also difficult to open and I definitely want to move them over to baggies now.

Here are the geek chic pictures:

Prenup, now named Brony.
Bridezilla is no longer so I can't find an image for it

How they look in their clamshells:

Annnnd swatched!

Without Flash

With Flash

These are swatched over my face powder in Fair from Smashbox.

We Are Coming: Nice brown with gold highlights. I have mostly been using it as interesting eyeliner and much prefer it over straight black.  See!

Bigger on the Inside: Niiiiccceee teal color with gold sparkles. Looks better on the eye than just the swatch on the arm.

Glass Cannon: Lovely light blue with white sparkles.

Across the Sea: I was surprised by how much I liked this shade. It suits my skin color and is simply lovely. It is a medium blue with silver sparkle but the description doesn’t do the color justice.

Bridezilla: White with white sparkle. Eh, it’s white. It’s nice, especially in the corner of the eye but forgettable.

Prenup: This is an interesting pale pink. While it looks kinda basic when next to other shades it takes a surprising depth and, even applied lightly, is quite bright.

I’m clearly proud of my first swatches!

I'm celebrating by not wearing any other makeup. :P
Here they are on the eye!

Into the Blue: I used We Are Coming as liner, Bigger on the Inside on the outer corner, Across the Narrow Sea on most of the lid, Glass Cannon towards the inside corner, and a little bit of Bridezilla on the very inner corner of the eye. Finally, Prenup is the brow highlight.


Cotton CandyA lot more of Prenup was used this time…clearly. So, We Are Coming as liner again, Glass Cannon on the outer corner and Prenup on the inner corner and brow highlight.

What happens to the makeup after a long frustrating day?

I have to say I’m surprised so much color remained because I remember the day I wore that makeup and I rubbed my eyes in frustration a couple of times.

You’ll notice that the eyeshadow collected in my crease which will probably always happen but since I don’t wear primer I’m not exactly helping the situation.

I would order from Geek Chic again, espeically the Win or Die collection. I want to buy a full size of "Across the Sea" and "Bigger on the Inside". I also want to get "Big Daddy" from their bio balms collection.

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  1. Great job on your first swatch post! I'm so excited to soo what makeup looks you'll come up with. I loved Cotton Candy! That one is totally my style.